Possible Actions

What can one person do?

Bring resolutions to a local board member to introduce in your home community

For example: Invoicing the state for loss of funds due to charter schools (example), or a resolution against state takeovers, or against high stakes tests and their misuse.

Here is an example: (link)

Organize a book group on an education issue. Feel free to use materials we have produced:
Testing Charade: Pretending the Make Schools Better (link)
The Schools Our Children Deserve (link)
Reign of Error (link

Pass your book along after you participate in a book group.

Write an Op-Ed for a local paper

Use public comment time at your local city council meeting to show support for public education

Meet with elected officials at a local coffee shop to discuss your concerns over policies that harm children in public schools

Testify before the legislature next time there is education legislation.

Recruit charter school parents to attend your local public schools. You can get their addresses from the school district where they reside in a public records request.

Have candidates for public office sign a pledge to protect public education.

Organize a walk in 15 minutes before the start of the school day at a local school. Clap the kids into school or have speakers (including students) talk about why they love their public school.

Get a group together to write legislation and get your local rep to introduce it into law.

Speak out at board of education meetings stating how much state money the school district is losing to charter and vouchers. Ask that it be part of the treasurer’s 5 year forecast.

Become a precinct captain for your political party. Organize friends of public education to do that same in as many precincts as you can. Take over the county party.