Listening Project – Spring 2017

Can You Spare A Conversation?

As public school advocates we want to learn as much as we can about why families choose charter schools for their children.  We are embarking on an Education Listening Project to speak with families.  We believe their stories will vary widely, but are interested if there are commonalities that we can use to make our public schools better.

Please join us for a short training/organizing  to learn how to do this project on Thursday, March 23 at 7 pm at the large open space at Coventry School.  Our sub-committee has come up with questions to probe the important choice that families are making when it comes to their children’s schooling.  We want to listen.

We need your help.  At the March 23rd training meeting our goal is to pair up volunteers to make a contact with families to plan a visit, either at their homes or a public location.  We estimate the interviews will take around 30-45 minutes.  We have a list of the 355 students who are attending charter schools who live in our school district this year.  Many include families with multiple children.  How many can we reach out to?  That depends on you.

On May 15 we will gather as a group again and discuss our findings.  We will summarize and present our information to the CHUH Board of Education.  Can you help?  See you on March 23.