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A word about censorship and the First Amendment right up front. Neither applies to this project. Censorship is a concept that attaches to public organizations. For example, a city or a public library that operates a forum can be accused of censorship and violation of First Amendment rights. However, a privately incorporated organization such as this one may establish a discussion area without being accused of censorship or violation of First Amendment rights in upholding the criteria of the AUP. The moderators may delete any message.

That said, it is not our intent to look for messages to delete. All of us have a long relationship with this community, and we have put our time and money into this project because we believe in free and responsible speech. We believe both in this community and in the power of the Internet to further community debate. The forum can give voice to all, and we look forward to community use of SpeakEasy.

The following are guidelines of civility and legality that will govern the discussions on SpeakEasy.

  1. Acceptable uses of SpeakEasy are those which promote education and civic participation. All users should respect the values and individuality of other SpeakEasy users.
  2. Unacceptable uses of SpeakEasy include but are not limited to:
    1. Using profanity or obscenity.
    2. Posting copyrighted material on SpeakEasy without the documented permission of the owner.
    3. Using SpeakEasy to harass other users.
    4. Misrepresenting one's identity. However, SpeakEasy does permit anonymous posting.
  3. Material that is clearly defamatory will be removed. Participants should remember that the laws of defamation are alive and well on the Internet and that they may be liable for defamatory comments. | About Us | Press Releases
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