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SpeakEasy and ConnectEasy are brought to you by a group of citizens who came together to create a public forum for discussion of issues of interest to members of our communities. Our first conversations began in the summer of 1996, and we have enjoyed the participation and support of the CH-UH Public Library.

The Library has already made great strides in gathering web links to local groups, organizations and businesses. The Library also maintains DoEasy. However, it faces certain limitations in creating forum space. Therefore, the five citizens listed below incorporated a non-profit organization, CH-UH Community Network, to provide the forum component as well as space where local nonprofit groups could establish their own web pages. We support this component financially and welcome the support, both monetary and in volunteer time, of local people and groups.

The Library featured in the Winter 2000 newsletter, Check Us Out

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Robert G. Cheshier
Retired Director, Cleveland Health Sciences Library
Archivist, St. Paul's Episcopal Church
President, Third World Books

Anne S. McFarland
Retired Associate Law Librarian, University of Akron
Law Librarian, Cleveland Law Library
Founder, Akron Community Online Resource Network (ACORN)
Guardian ad Litem/ Counsel, Juvenile Court of Cuyahoga County, 1977-
Member, Cleveland Heights Planning Commission, 1983-1988

Charles W. McFarland
Retired Staff Chemist, Atotech USA Inc.
Hiker, Appalachian Trail

Stephen Titchenal
Program Specialist for Technology, CH-UH City Schools
Member, Cleveland Heights Cable Television Commission

Allen Wilkinson
Research Scientist, NASA Glenn Research Center
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