The Heights Coalition For Public Education’s main position is on our homepage – the one community members endorse to become part of our organization.  Here are our position papers that give more details:

Why High Stakes Testing Doesn’t Make Sense

We Reject The Ohio Report Card

Our August 2017 Tri-Fold

Advocacy Talking Points


Testimony given:

-Susie Kaeser:  March 2018 on HB 512 taking power away from elected state board.

-Ari Klein:  August 2018 to Cleveland Heights Citizen’s Advisory Council concerning community block grants given to organization that promote the diversion of public funds from schools

-Jan Resseger:  September 2018 to Ohio Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights about school funding.


Links we think are important:

Jan Resseger’s blog in general.  Worth reading.

-Of particular note:
May 8, 2018 summary of Gordon Lafer’s May 2018 study called: Breaking Point: The cost of charter schools for public school district. (link to Jan’s summary) (Link to the full study)

September 30, 2018 – Jan reports on the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools report about what we can do to advocate for public education.  (Link to Jan’s article)(Link to the AROS report)

Diane Ravitch’s blog

Ohio Equity and Adequacy


Blog by Thomas Tultican – Chronology of events that are destroying public education

Innovation Ohio’s listing of how much money has been lost to ECOT between 2012-2016 (link)