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The Buzz – March 19, 201

The Ohio General Assembly is back at work. Issues that relate to the war on public education are on the agenda. We can make a difference!

State Takeover of Local School Districts

Ohio’s accountability system includes a devastating provision passed in 2015 as HB 70, that takes away responsibility for oversight of local school districts by locally elected boards of education when a district is graded as failing. The State Superintendent then appoints an academic distress commission that hires a new administrator who has near dictatorial powers.

Good signs:

  • Governor DeWine says he believes in local control of public schools.
  • State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria has expressed concern about state takeovers based on the experience in Youngstown, Lorain and East Cleveland.
  • Proposed HB 127 – Prohibits creation of any new academic distress commissions.  Rep. Kent Smith and Rep. Steve Hambley co-sponsered the new legislation.  Rep. Janine Boyd was one of 18 co-sponsors.

What you can do:

  • Let Governor DeWine and Superintendent DePaolo know you share their commitment to local control of public education and urge them to support legislation that helps districts accountable to their local elected boards of education.
  • Share your opposition to test-based accountability.
  • Thank HB127 cosponsors for introducing the bill. Let them know why you care. Write a “letter to the editor” or directly contact your representative.
  • Let members of the House Elementary and Secondary education committee know that you oppose takeovers and labeling school districts as failures. Call for an investment in children not a power grab. (link here for a list with contacts)
  • Advocate for your school district to pass a resolution condemning state takeovers. (link here for a sample)

Click here for talking points (link)

Please let us know what actions you have taken.  email:  coalition@chuh.net