October Campout

The October campout is October 24-26. We will be hiking and camping at the Zaleski State Forest. The permission_form is due at the October 20th meeting.

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September Campout

The September campout is September 26-28. We will be camping at East Harbor and bicycling on Kelly's Island. The permission_form is due at the September 22nd meeting.

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May Campout

The May campout is May 16-18. We will be bicycling and canoeing at Pymatuning. The permission_form is due at the May 11th meeting.

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April Campout

The March campout takes place April 25-27. We will be backpacking at Oil_Creek_State_Park. Bring your completed permission form to the April 14th troop meeting. Also view our backpacker_equipment_list and backpacker_shakedown tips.

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March Campout

The March campout takes place March 21-23. We will be camping in Hinckley and rock climbing at Kendall_Cliffs. Bring your completed permission form to the March 17th troop meeting. You need a completed waiver to climb.

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February Campout

The February campout is February 21-23. We will be cross-country skiing at Chapin Forest. Bring your completed permission form to the February 17th troop meeting.

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December Campout

The pre-klondike preparation campout is this month: December 13-15. Make sure to attend and hone your scouting skills. Bring your completed permission form to the December 9th troop meeting (or sooner). Correction to form: we will be leaving from Saint Paul's at 7PM on Friday (not 6PM).

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150+50 Award

The 150+50 award acknowledges the scouts of Troop 22 that have camped out for 150 nights and performed 50 hours of service projects.

  • David Binnig - 1997
  • Marc Petre - 1997
  • Andrew Markus - 1997
  • Jacques Bair - 1998
  • Patrick Holder - 1998
  • Matthew Resseger - 1999
  • Steve Rodney - 1999
  • Peter Markus - 2000
  • Brendan Knoblauch ...
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Annual Lightbulb Sale

The primary Troop 22 fundraiser of the year is this Saturday: October 26th. Be sure to a work shift (or two). The morning shift is from 9:30-12:30 and the afternoon shift is from 1:00-4:00. Meet at the Peachey's, 2223 South Overlook, in uniform.

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Annual Flower Bulb Sale

Forms for the flower bulb sale went out at tonight's meeting. Completed forms with payment are due at the October 21st troop meeting. Money earned goes to the individual scout's camping fees. Work off the cost of summer camp! The order_form can be found at the Dutch_Mill_Website.

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Troop 22 is sponsored by St. Paul's Episcopal Church located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, at the corner of Coventry Road and Fairmount Blvd.