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Cuyahoga Area,
Heights Chapter

Click here for an interactive Voters Guide
to Cleveland Heights & University Heights
offices, candidates, and issues


Candidate Forum October 8
Cleveland Heights & University Heights
City Councils & Board of Education Candidates
Tuesday, October 8th at 7:00 PM
Cleveland Heights Community Center
Northwest corner, junction of Mayfield and Monticello Roads


Regionalism - Efforts extending beyond Cuyahoga County

The Northeast Ohio "Regional Prosperity Initiative" ( has produced detailed interim reports and final to-do lists on a 16-county plan for regional land use planning and "New Growth Tax-base Sharing."


Cuyahoga Area Web site is a good source of information about current issues and upcoming events.

At this Web site can be found links to the
LWV Ohio brochure, "The Sunshine Law: Ohio's Open Meetings Act".
If you have and/or use an Internet news reader, you can go here to set up automatic reception of LWV Cuyahoga Area announcements.

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Join the Heights Chapter of LWV Cuyahoga Area

If you are interested in the League and our Heights Chapter, join the LWV Cuyahoga Area at
and indicate your interest to affiliate with the Heights Chapter.

If you need more information, feel free to contact the Heights chapter contact of LWV Cuyahoga Area:
        Maryann Barnes,

        216 321-7525

Heights Chapter listservs

You do not need to be a member to subscribe to our chapter’s emailing lists. We encourage you to do so to learn about our activities. You can find and join two listservs for the Heights Chapter by searching Google Groups with “lwv chuh” as keywords, or click on the links below:

    Notices list:

Receive meeting notices for the Heights Chapter, LWV action alerts, and postings of volunteer opportunities; subscribe to LWV CHUH notices.

    Observer reports:

Receive observer reports of public meetings of the city councils of Cleveland Heights and University Heights, the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education, and the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library Board.  These reports are also summarized regularly in the Heights Observer To receive the full reports by email, subscribe to the LWV CHUH Observer reports.


History of Heights Chapter: First Edition, Second Edition
Principles of the League of Women Voters
Governmental Meetings
When You Write or Call (Washington D.C., Columbus)
When you Write or Call (Cuyahoga County, City Hall, Bd. of Ed., LWV)
State of Ohio Toll-Free Hotlines
League Lingo


Heights Chapter Study:

Get to know CH-UH Schools:
-   How To access buildings, get the current news on events
-   Compare 1970 and 2000, finances to achievement to attendance

Useful Links:

National On-Line League Voters' Guides:
Smart Voter: Ohio and National
Democracy Network

Courts and the Law: The Cleveland Law Library (

Parliamentary Procedure for your meetings?
Robert's Rules of Order:
provided by the Constitution Society